Chi Phi Is Back!

By Bob Berg ’76 President, Alpha Delta House Association

The Alpha Delta Chapter of Chi Phi is back!  Most, if not all of you, know that the Alpha Delta (AD) house was closed and the chapter was disaffiliated from Chi Phi National in 2008.  Over the five year period from 2008-2013, while the house was closed, capital was raised by the alumni and this money was used to make extensive renovations to the AD house.  The house was reopened for the Fall 2013 semester.  The chapter was re-colonized but, in fact, it was only a house as the fraternity and all that this means no longer existed at that time.

The process of rebuilding a fraternity has been a long, often challenging, and, in the end, very rewarding process.  Operating systems such as financial reporting, food service, and maintenance and repairs have been put in place.  Policy documents ranging from the bylaws to job descriptions for the executives on the executive board have been drawn up.  Occupancy contracts and food service contracts are in place.  A solid new member program has been put into place and the house is near capacity filled with high caliber individuals.  House traditions were identified and, with the exception of hell week and anything else that can be called hazing, have been re-established.  The AD brothers worked with both Chi Phi National and AD alumni to accomplish this reconstruction and received accreditation from National in March of 2015.

While the brothers have been very successful rebuilding the Alpha Delta chapter of Chi Phi at Penn State and have develop a solid foundation of brotherhood to build on in the future, it is time to reconnect with AD brothers of yesteryear.  During the pause to reset Chi Phi, many of you have drifted off and connections to Chi Phi have become more of a memory than a continuing brotherhood.  Now that the house is up and running, there is a place to gather and rekindle old friendships and rebuild the Alpha Delta brotherhood.  In addition to meeting old friends, it would be great for the active brothers to meet the Chi Phi alumni to get a better understanding of how friendships made in college last for a life time and meet the men that are all a part of Chi Phi history.

As a first step to rebuilding old bridges, the active brothers and I would like to extend an invitation to join us for homecoming weekend this Fall. The Fall of 2018 homecoming is scheduled for October 13th when the Nittany Lions play Michigan state.  This is early enough that there is a good chance for great weather and the game should be interesting as we try to avenge last year’s loss.  Throw in the opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and share stories with current brothers and you have the ingredients of a great weekend. For an added bonus, the food on Saturday night will be off the charts.  The only element missing to make the Fall 2018 Chi Phi Homecoming a success is you.  Mark the date in your calendar and start making plans.  If you have any suggestions for improving the attendance at homecoming, we would love to hear from you.

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