Record Breaking Success for ‘Thon 2024

Dance Marathon was a tremendous success this year as we were paired with Phi Sigma Rho again and raised a record-breaking $113K. We reached new heights in fundraising by grinding it out in a multitude of methods. The main way we raised money was through our donor drive. Every brother has an online page where people can donate directly, and it is credited to Chi Phi. Links are sent out to friends and family, and this always raises the most. Besides that, we held multiple fundraisers each week ranging from huge football and volleyball tournaments with other Greek organizations and student clubs, to bake sales, car washes, auctions, and more. On top of these fundraisers, we also raised money through alumni donations, email solicitations, letters sent out to our mailing list, and securing pledges from businesses around state college. Pictured here are this year’s dancers, Massimo Frix and Ryley Opielski.

This year we were still paired with our three families featuring Mina, Josiah, and Adley. Mina and Josiah are doing great, and we visited with both of them a few times. Mina’s family was at THON with us, and we had the opportunity to bring her on stage to perform in front of the entire stadium. Josiah and Mina have both been cancer-free for a while now and are super healthy and happy, and Josiah just graduated high school! Adley is our newest THON child and is currently going through treatment. She visited a handful of times, and her father and brother were able to come to THON to give an inspirational speech on stage. She just had her fourth birthday and will be finished with cancer treatment in only a few weeks!

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