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Alpha Messages

Christopher Levendosky:

My fellow Chi Phi Brothers,

Rock bottom became the solid foundation upon which Brent and my legacies would begin. At Chi Phi, it is often ingrained in our heads that the strength obtained from the union of congenial minds is the backbone of our chapter. This statement led me to pursue creating a chapter built on remembering the motto of making better men. Through our rocky past, our hardest objective was remembering where we all have come from and reminding everyone where we are going. The chapter has started forming the esteemed character it has always embodied. I am happy to report that Chi Phi is entering a new phase of growth. This year’s biggest success thus far has been the brothers’ ability to buy into the values that we so heavily emphasized from the beginning of the chapter in 1924.

Beginning our rebuild in the Penn State community has given us the ability to explore new avenues in ways the chapter has never seen before. With that, the level of growth we have seen has been unprecedented. Going into this year, there was a lot of speculation as to how things would function, given the fear of the unknown. Nonetheless, we have pursued a continued push to improve our fraternity to create an everlasting legacy that our brothers can respect and cherish. It gives me honor to serve in the name of this fraternity and have the ability to push Chi Phi in new directions.

As we look toward the future, Chi Phi has a highly optimistic path. Externally, we are viewed as being one of the biggest houses in the Greek community, and we have left a mark of respect and gratitude throughout the Penn State community. Internally, the house has never seen better days. Through leadership, our amazingly active executive board and I have been able to create a shift of momentum that has lit a fire blazing with eagerness throughout the house. Looking to the future, we have gratitude in our hearts and an unwavering drive to grow. Long live The Kingdom!


Chris Levendosky, Alpha 2023


Brent McNeel:

My fellow Chi Phi brothers,

New beginnings lie before us gentlemen in the form of newly elected leadership to stand at the helm of this fraternity. Today as I write I am eager. Eager about the future of our great chapter. We have many leaders of this house who are decisive, driven and dedicated to the promise that Chi Phi has to offer. The enthusiasm for our brotherhood lives loudly within them. Their charisma reflects ours from just a year ago. One year ago, we were handed a broken Fraternity that had seen the effects of an oppressive university. We worked tirelessly to successfully keep our house alive and thriving and for that we should be beaming with pride.

Over the course of that year, we set the fraternity on a successful path, and I believe we have changed the course of this fraternity for the better. We are seeing relations improve nationally, with the university & with our alumni. We have raised thousands of dollars for THON. We are dedicated to growing this house and improving the strength of our brotherhood.

My term has been filled with trials and tribulations, but our fraternity lives on. This is the moment where we strengthen our confidence. Confidence in our brotherhood, confidence in our dedication, and confidence in Chi Phi. We have seen great successes already this semester through recruitment and THON. We are making strides that very few thought were possible just a year ago.

Brothers, I thank you for your support, your confidence and most of all for your trust to run this fraternity that I love so dearly. Having the privilege to serve as your president has been the greatest honor of my life. May God bless you and the future of our great Fraternity.


Brent McNeel, Alpha 2022

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