Alumni Profile: Kenneth Wille ’94

We recently caught up with our very own Kenneth Wille and had the chance to ask him about his Chi Phi experience, and where life since Penn State has taken him. Here’s what he had to say:

Where has life taken you since you graduated? Give us a brief recap up to this point including career and family highlights.  

It has been a fun ride. First to Australia then back to NY. I married Lani Slagle (PSU ’94) and we have two kids, Kerrick, 16, and Annabelle, 13. Living on Long Island New York and have a consulting engineering business in NYC and beyond. I have been very blessed.  

What are the most important lessons you learned because of Chi Phi?  

The partying and all that was fun, but it is all about the guys. All about the friendships and the guys I still see or talk to. Laugh about old stories, and make new ones. Brotherhood and family. That is what matters most in life.  

When you look back on your time in Chi Phi, what moments do you tend to remember most?  

Some of the big parties, tailgates, formals, etc. But as much I remember Tecmo Bowl competitions, Sunday morning breakfast in the clubrooms, volunteering for The Second Mile. 

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