Blue and White

This semester our alumni weekend falls on the weekend of the Blue & White Game. April 15th, the day of the game, we are planning to host an alumni tailgate, as well as having the house open to hang out after the game. Our tailgate will be around 10am-5pm in lot 18. We will have a pirate flag up, as well as great food and refreshments. We will be selling the old, lettered Chi Phi floor panels for a price of the buyers choosing. We are also accepting donations of old Chi Phi merchandise, pieces of history, and knowledge. Following the tailgate, we will be heading back to the kingdom where we will be grilling and providing refreshments. I encourage you all to come by to see the house, meet some of the current brothers, and have a good time. Please fill out this form so we can get an estimate of the number of people.

With the help of every brother, this executive board has worked very hard to keep improving through THON and Recruitment, where we have reached record numbers; through Social and Philanthropy where we are hitting strides not seen in recent years, bringing people together not just for great times, but great causes as well. We are not only excited, but eager to see what the future holds, and we want to share that vision with you all. For those who have not seen the Kingdom in a while, we want to show you that not only are we still kicking, but that we are thriving.


In Scarlett and Blue,

Jason King, Alumni Relations

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