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On behalf of the Alpha Delta House Association Board of Directors,

After a long sabbatical, we are finally publishing a newsletter to bring the alumni brotherhood up to date on the Chi Phi Kingdom. It has been a real struggle ever since the University closed in Spring 2020 and we were forced to shut the house. The house association has been in survival mode ever since. From taking an SBA disaster relief loan to issue partial refunds for the spring semester that year, to modifying the house and food service processes in light of the reopening, we were facing challenges never before seen. The brotherhood also struggled as the in-house brothers were locked down for the entire 2020-2021 school year with the government and Borough overreach that limited guests and residents to 10 for any rental property. Apartment dwellers could continue their social life, but fraternities were essentially locked down, prohibiting out of house brothers, alumni advisors, friends and even girlfriends from visiting. Implications were dire for rush and brotherhood cohesion, let alone their sanity as young men. Several other fraternities were caught hosting underground socials and received house-killing 4-year suspensions.

So, you can imagine what was building when everything reopened in Fall 2021. Our fears were realized. What started as a careless social media post turned into allegations of hazing and under-age drinking resulting in a University investigation that would normally carry a mandatory 4-year suspension. Working with Chi Phi National, members of the Alpha Delta House Association met with University officials and negotiated a settlement. We asked them to consider the impact of two years of lockdowns with no possible alumni oversight, the departure of our chef and House Mother, and an historical track record of campus leadership among the Greek community. We presented a well thought out plan to rebuild with a handpicked Alpha, Brent McNeel, who had a vision for restoring the character and prominence of Chi Phi at Penn State. The University agreed to a one-year suspension for 2022, a social suspension for 2023 and probation for the remaining two years.

While on suspension for 2022, the House remained open as the brotherhood was immersed in leadership training and brotherhood building volunteerism. The chapter was able to participate in Fall rush which yielded half a dozen new members who have bought into the renewed vision. In the remainder of the newsletter, you will see evidence of the progress they have made as they have moved into the second year of rebuilding with the strong transition of executive leadership. They are enjoying the return of social events, albeit dry, and they are reconnecting with sororities through socials, philanthropy and even parent’s weekend. You will also hear from the two young men responsible for leading this comeback who are serious, hard-working, and optimistic for the future of the Chi Phi Kingdom.

Finally, as we renew regular alumni communications, please consider resuming your annual contributions through the Affinity platform and making monthly or annual giving a habit. After the successful effort five years ago to raise money for the replacement of the hardwood floors, we would like to tackle what was originally Phase III of the Campaign for Alpha Delta: the establishment of a maintenance escrow fund. As the house continues to age, we face with increasing regularity emergency repairs that disrupt and eat into our operating budget.

Fraternally yours,


Andrew Schultz, Jr ‘90

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